Below are the anticipated delivery dates of additional releases and enhancements.  All organizations with updated licensing will automatically receive enhancements as they are released to the KiPI community.    

Current Release (v 1.0)

 - Access to Connectwise Tables
 - Ability to sort and filter "views" data
 - Ability to export to Microsoft Excel
 - SQL Statement Builder
 - Implementation of Dashboard tools that
   will allow point and time analysis on all
   "views" using integrated gadget
 - User Level Security Views

Setup and Administration
- Implementation of Cost of Goods
  Sold (COGS) Manager

Service Views
 - Access to  Timesheets Data
 - Access to Open Service Requests Data 
 - Access to Open Urgent Service
   Requests Data 
 - Access to  Service Request History Data 
 - Access to Timeliness Data
 - Access to  Project Summary Data

Financial Views
 - Access to Invoicing Data
 - Access to Revenue Graphs Data
 - Access to Products Data
 - Access to Employee Billable Data
 - Access to  Company Billable Data

Sales Views
 - Access to Opportunities Data
 - Access to Agreements Data

Next Release

 - Ability to save custom layouts
 - Tools for migrating to/from Connectwise
 - Improvements to dashboard tools

Setup and Administration
 - Improvements to COGS Manager

Service Views
 - Access to Survey Data

Financial Views
 - Additional functionality supporting to
   exporting data for peer group data (HTG /
   Service Leadership)

Sales Views
 - Commissions Calculator
 - Sales Forecasting based on Opportunities
 - Access to Activities Data
 - Access to Sales Order Data


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